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Autumn Tree Commission

Autumn Tree Commission

June 8, 2018

Autumn Tree (2018),  24″ x 48″ inches original oil painting, has now gone to its new home in El Granada, Half Moon Bay. This piece has been on quite a journey with me over the past 4 years.  The painting was originally inspired by the San Francisco Bay when I first moved here, living on […]

Point of View Art Exhibit Receptions:  May 10 & May 12, San Francisco

Point of View Art Exhibit Receptions: May 10 & May 12, San Francisco

May 9, 2018

Marianne Schovsbo – Point of View Art Exhibition & Receptions

Marianne Schovsbo – SFWA Artist Salon May 8 – June 2

Marianne Schovsbo – SFWA Artist Salon May 8 – June 2

May 5, 2018

Marianne Schovsbo Art Exhibit

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.”

~Neil Gaiman


Marianne's paintings add vibrancy to any commercial or residential space.

Sim Carter

I feel so privileged to own one of Marianne Schovsbo’s ethereal and mysterious paintings. The piece I own is one of her stunning Art Scapes, Driftwood, the soothing colors and watery swirls have a deep, primal appeal. The artist and I share an affinity for nature and the sea; I love the idea that this piece of wood has washed up on shore, wild, weathered and completely transformed into something new by the power of the ocean and the force of nature.

It’s an absolutely beautiful painting and I’m thrilled to recommend Marianne Schovsbo’s art.

Incidentally, fellow Realtors, we left all the artist’s work hanging in place on the walls when we listed their home for sale. Less than 48 hours later we not only had a sale, we had lots of inquiries about the art!

Sim Carter
Kevin McDuffie

I feel very fortunate to have one of Marianne’s paintings adorning our home.

We first noticed it during among a group of in-progress canvasses drying at her studio. The sense of motion and blend of color resonated immediately with my wife and I even amongst the many other appealing works in the room.

We were only too happy to take it home after Marianne finished it to her satisfaction.

Kevin McDuffie
Susan Consoletti

I feel blessed to have one of Marianne’s incredible paintings.

I have this beautiful work of art hanging in my office.

The colors make me feel calm and her work resonates beauty, happiness and gives me a feeling of joy.

Marianne is an incredibly talented artists It is as if she gives each work of art an inner existence and a soul.

Susan Consoletti