Marianne Schovsbo’s Art Scapes are inspired by her drive to capture the beauty of the world’s landscapes. The inspiration for her subject matter comes from the many places she travels to and feels connected with.

Her vibrant paintings, usually of mountains and water, evoke a feeling of natural energy, motion, liveliness and untouched splendour that is innate to these wild places.

Schovsbo_portraitMarianne paints on both small and large canvases with linseed-based oils. She combines classical oil-painting techniques with a fresh, impressionistic view on perspective and design.

Born in Denmark, Marianne moved to Canada in the mid-70s. While in Denmark, her grandmother—a watercolorist—started Marianne down an artist’s path by teaching her how to paint and draw. Once living in Canada, Marianne received formal and classical art training with Ingeborg Raymer at the Shadbolt Centre for Arts near Vancouver, British Columbia. Under the tutelage of Ingeborg, Marianne learned to draw and paint with classical techniques, but added her own unique flair, which results in paintings that are full of movement and which evoke a direct connection with the subject matter.

Marianne’s love and inspiration of landscapes were fostered during the many hours she spent outdoors drawing and painting the lakes, gardens and rural areas around Vancouver. Throughout her university studies, Marianne worked as a freelance artist, where she etched drawings of small animals and detailed physiological dissections for biology professors and research students. She also moved into and experimented with larger-scale landscape pieces using watercolor, ink and oil pastel.

Oil painting has become Marianne’s primary medium over the past 14 years, where she focuses on her free-flowing painting style. She has sold, rented and donated her works to private collections and homes, and her paintings hang in public spaces as well as in corporate buildings.

Recently, Marianne successfully transitioned from her studio near Vancouver, British Columbia to Westlake, California and has now settled in Half Moon Bay, California.

She continues to be inspired by, and to capture the beauty of the many wild landscapes she travels through.