Gulf Island Feeling – SOLD


Yet another of my paintings has sold and the feeling I am experiencing is of immense joy and gratefulness.

Gulf Island Feeling is a very special painting to me and will now be hanging in a very, very special place in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

This painting came to be after a wonderful summer trip to the West Coast of Canada in 2016, exploring the Gulf Islands.  The air is soft there, and salty.  The mountains are blue in the distance.  The ocean is deep and can be very still – the water is sometimes like glass.  And if you stand quietly and look out over the water, you can hear the sea sigh –  a deep, full body sigh of peace and contentment.   At times the water glows with the strange light of the sky that is neither a sunrise or a sunset.  Bald Eagles are numerous here and the shoreline is full of colorful stones, driftwood, shells and seaweed — it is a magical place.

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