337 Mirada Art Gallery Show, Sept 14-16 2018


337 Mirada Art Gallery,  Sept 14-16 2018

I will be part of the Mirada Art Show in Half Moon Bay this week-end:  Friday Sept 14 to Sunday Sept 16 from 11am to 5pm.  All are welcome to come!

337 Mirada Art: We are a group of artists who show regularly at the 337 Mirada Art Gallery.  There are painters, potters, jewelers, glass and fabric artists. The art is original and comes in all sizes, shapes, budgets and inspiration.  Every week-end is different.

The best part of these art shows, I think, is that the artists are on site during the entire show.  I shall be there this week-end.  That makes it easy to meet and speak with the artists and get an understanding as to what inspires them.  As an artist, I really enjoy meeting people who love art and have the opportunity to share my work.

Address:   337 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA

Dates:        Friday Sept 14 – Sunday Sept 16

Hours:       11am – 5:00pm


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