Happy Clients

There is nothing as wonderful, for an artist, as a happy client: someone who has found your work inspiring, meaningful and worthwhile.

Recently a couple, traveling on vacation, came into Mirada Art Gallery where I was showing some of my paintings. They stood in front of my large painting – Prana – for some time. There was deep discussion between them.

I approached to introduce myself and they in turn explained that the painting touched them deeply since it reminded them of their daughter. Since they were traveling, they wanted to know if I had a print of the painting, something that wasn’t as large. They asked me about a possible commission painting in the future and we talked about our daughters – since Prana is a painting inspired by my daughter.

Eventually it was decided that I make a special sized print for them to start with and send to their home. Which I did.

A few a days later I received this photo from them – it’s magical. It depicts exactly the meaning and the spirit of the painting. A very special moment for me.

Looking forward to working with this client again someday.

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