Arbutus Light

Arbutus Light (2018) – $1450 USD

24″ x 48″ inches, original oil on canvas. This painting extends to the edges of the canvas and is ready to hang without framing, if so wished.

Arbutus Light is inspired by the Pacific Northwest Gulf Islands in British Columbia.  The Gulf Islands are very special places for me, where the waters are deep and cool and the Arbutus trees (or Madrones) reach their crooked branches over the side banks, ledges and cliffs upon which they grow. Arbutus are small trees with red, flaking bark and edible berries.  They like the salty sea air and have difficulty growing too far inland away from the reach of salty mist.  They are treasured by the Salish and Saanich people in British Columbia, and have provided anchoring for their boats as well as medicinal uses for colds and stomach ailments.

This abstract landscape painting is painted using multi layered linseed and walnut oils.    If you are interested in this painting, please feel welcome to reach out to me.

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