Channel Island Feeling (2016)  – $2750 USD – Shipping is free in US.

Original Oil on Canvas (48″x48″ inches) – painting extends onto the edges of the canvas.

Abstract Expression

Santa Cruz Island is the largest of the Southern California Channel Islands.  According to legend, the island is named for a priest’s staff accidentally left on the island during the Portola expedition of 1769.  When you arrive to the island these days, you will find wind swept beaches, immense sea life and hiking trails through beautiful grasses.  The views are breathtaking.

This painting is about the abstract feeling of standing on the shore or in a boat and looking out as well as into the water.  The crystal clearness of the water allows you to see deeply into and under the surface.  This painting is also about perspective and how all the colors and hues of the water are carved out at you.  It is about where the boundaries are – what is above and what is below the water.  The amazing part of this painting, and can really only be observed in person, is the light, softness and depth of blues and purples, shining through.

If you are interested in this painting or perhaps a commission of another painting with similar elements – please feel welcome to reach out to me.


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