Thirsty Tree (2017) – $2000 USD – Shipping Free in US

36″ x 48″ Original Oil on Canvas – the painting extends to the edges of the canvas.

This painting was inspired by California’s drought and the climate changes we are experiencing around the world.  It is about the extremes of our lives, the variations and expectations we have of normality and yet how everything is always changing.

This painting is also about trees.  I love trees and their ancient wood fibers; how the grain of the wood has so much beauty and history.  Trees are natural recorders of timeline events and growth.

Linking trees with climate change makes perfect and natural sense to me.  Many trees, if they are allowed to stand, will live longer than us.  They are recording, right now,  this very moment into history.

If you are interested in this painting or a commissioned piece that has similar aspects, please feel welcome to reach out to me.



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